Mirabol Finance LTD


Our purpose is to support our customers
and this is the guiding principle on which
we base our actions.


Our philosophy is focused on deep
knowledge of the needs of each client, in
knowing how to translate them into growth
and development, taking advantage of the
opportunities that international markets are
able to offer.


Represent the
fundamental beliefs of our organization,
lead our actions and our behaviour, affect
the way we work inside our company and
the way we work with our customers and
we relate to our partners.

Our History

MIRABOL FINANCE LTD is a consulting company specialized in business development services with high added value provided by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals. The company carries out its activities in the following areas:

Internationalization of business, protection of corporate assets and entrepreneur, purchasing/management of vessels and airplanes, immigration and residence, business finance (management/ setting up of a Company, compartment of funds, securitization , setting up of the most appropriate tools to optimize the assets management). Our team consists of Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, independent financial advisors, real estate experts. The company operates into the global market and its team of professionals, thanks to an extensive network of relationships and partnerships, continuously scout the international market and has developed a proven ability to identify market opportunities. In fact, it helps the customer to enter into new markets by defining the best strategies for it, being able to seize new growth paths and translating them into practical and effective action.

The experience gained by our professionals, the well-established relations in many countries around the world and the constant updating of our professional knowledge give us the feeling of being “professional partners” able to assist companies and individuals at any stage of their assets growth, that is the creation, development or consolidation of them. The company has his offices operating in London; other corresponding offices in Malta, Andorra, Luxembourg, Monaco and Nice.